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Linear Slide Upgrade

Linear Slide

Add Grinding Capacity on existing equipment!

The Linear Slide is an upgrade for Armstrong Bandsaw Grinders. This "bolt on" addition for #4 & #6 Grinders improves productivity, reduces grinding wheel cost and improves Bandsaw grind quality.

  • Grinding Wheel cost reductions of up to 37.5%!
  • Eliminate 3 dressing rounds per saw after a wheel change, saving 24 minutes per saw.
  • Consistent grind throughout the entire gullet of saw means less chance of gullet cracks!
  • Payback in as little as 1 year! See your personalized potential payback using our on-line calculator.

*Contact your local dealer for details.

Revolver Feed Finger The Revolver Feed system for #4 grinders is the perfect accessory to the Linear Slide.


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