Armstrong No. 51 Barnhart Band Wheel Grinder

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No. 51 -L Barnhart pictured with standard friction head

The paybacks for well maintained, precisely ground band wheels are big: better lumber is produced in the mill, less benching is required, and there are fewer gullet cracks to repair.  The important job of band wheel grinding is accomplished quicker and simpler through the use of Armstrong's No. 51 Barnhart wheel grinder.

Armstrong No. 51 Barnhart
Band Wheel Grinder

The Barnhart grinder is a very effective, popular tool for grinding the faces of band wheels.  Equipped with ball bearings in the arbor, the No. 51 Barnhart grinder is designed to grind band wheels running at full speed.

The optional motorized head attachment, or power head, provides increased safety to the operator by eliminating the need for a steel belt or "blank" saw to drive the top band wheel.  The power head is easy to set-up and is completely interchangeable with the standard head on both the No. 51 and No. 51-L models.

The portable Barnhart Grinder is easily installed and mounts directly on the band mill.  The 4-screw end brackets, as shown in the photo, are quick and simple to adjust.  Once in place, the Barnhart can be used to grind band wheels flat, with a "step crown" or with a slightly arched crown.

Armstrong's No. 51 Barnhart Band Wheel Grinders are available in two sizes.  The No. 51 is built for single band mills and comes with a 40" bed.  The No. 51-L has a 60" bed and is ideal for all close-coupled quad band mills.


Speed and Simplicity

The No. 51 Barnhart Grinder is designed to work fast and accurate with band wheels running at full speed and in place.   The 2" wide zirconium resinoid wheel quickly cuts both cast iron and steel wheels.


The Barnhart grinds band wheels with absolute accuracy and provides a far superior finish than "tooled" wheels.   The precise grinding angle is determined at the factory and requires no adjustment.

Easy Installation

The Barnhart mounts directly on the band mill and uses 4-screw end brackets for quick and simple adjustment.

Two Models Available

  •     No. 51 Barnhart with a 40" bed length.
  •     No. 51-L Barnhart with a 60" bed length.
Armstrong No. 51 Barnhart Band Wheel Grinder              


Heavy-Duty Motorized Head Attachment

The 3 h.p. power head eliminates the need for a steel belt or "blank" saw to drive the top wheel, making the job quicker and much safer.

With no saw or steel belt required, time consuming set-ups are eliminated, especially on Quad, Twin and Single band wheels with limited space between the wheels.

The power head is easily installed on both the No. 51 and 51-L Barnhart Grinders, using the same holes as the standard head.   Safety guards are provided covering the belt, pulleys and grinding wheel.

Remote Control

The easily attached remote control unit allows the operator to accurately control the movements of the grinding wheel while standing back away from it.  An excellent safety feature, the remote control option reduces the hazard of flying grit without sacrificing accuracy.

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No. 51-L Barnhart with optional motorized head attachment
WARNING: Resinoid grinding wheels must be used when grinding at full speed.


Standard Barnhart Grinders include: two 6" x 2" x 2" resinoid straight grinding wheels, one setting tool, one box wrench and one set of instructions.

Part No. 4967-C1
No. 51 Barnhart Band Wheel Grinder, 40" bed, for single band mills.

Part No. 4697-C2
No. 51-L Barnhart Band Wheel Grinder, 60" bed, for close-coupled quad band mills.

Part No. 7850-C
Power head attachment for No. 51 and No. 51-L Barnhart Grinder, complete with 3 h.p. motor for 3 phase alternating current, less starting switch.

Part No. 6781
Remote control unit with 110 volt, single phase, 60 cycle gear motor, reversing switch and 5 ft. flexible shaft.

Part No. 5507
4-screw adjustable square end brackets.


No. 51
Truck Weight: 300lbs (137kg)
Ocean Weight: 362lbs (148kg)
Cu. Ft.: 14 (.4 cu. meters)
No. 51-L
Truck Weight: 375lbs (170kg)
Ocean Weight: 400lbs (181.5kg)
Cu. Ft.: 19 (.5 cu. meters)
Power Head
Truck Weight: 135lbs (61kg)
Ocean Weight: 135lbs (61kg)
Cu. Ft.: 4 (.11 cu. meters)
Remote Control
Truck Weight: 40lbs (18kg)
Ocean Weight: 60lbs (27kg)
Cu. Ft.: 2 (.06 cu. meters)

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